AVG has launched its 2013 selection of internet security software for PC, smartphone and tablet users.

PC Advisor has taken a trip to New York for AVG's big launch, headed up by the firm's flagship Internet Security AntiVirus suite. Both the free and paid versions of the 2013 range are now available to download and use complete with a new features and an updated look. Visit our Security Advisor

AVG 2013 AntiVirus

JR Smith, CEO of AVG said: "The rapid uptake of new technologies is making the connected, online world a more complex place to navigate. Our customers want to focus on enjoying using the internet with confidence and peace of mind that they are protected, so it’s our responsibility to make security products that are simple and straightforward to use."

"As a result, we’ve put simplicity, privacy, performance and our leading protection technology at the heart of AVG’s 2013 range of products, because we know those are the things our customers value the most in a security product."

The AntiVirus 2013 suite sees improved performance in a number of areas, claims AVG. The main benefits, compared to AVG Internet Secuirty 2012 are a 26 percent faster startup time, a 36 percent quicker scanning and smoother interface. In line with the upcoming release of Microsoft Windows 8, AVG has designed the interface for touch and given it a 'modern UI', formally called Metro look.

On top of AVG's main AntiVirus suite comes the launch of 2013 Internet Security, Premium Security and PC TuneUp. On the mobile side, something which AVG is pushing with this launch is a range of products for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

"In our constantly connected world, many people trust their most personal information to devices they carry with them everywhere they go," said Omri Sigelman, vice president of mobile solutions at AVG.

"Cybercriminals see this as a significant opportunity and are developing increasingly sophisticated, socially engineered attacks to catch the unwary and trusting user. Our Mobilation products are designed to provide protection from the latest threats so that people don’t have to worry."