Vivitek has started selling an LED pocket projector that's capable of displaying 3D video at 1920x720p resolution. The Vivitek Qumi Pocket Projector is a 300 Ansi lumens projector that can create a display up to 90ins across from a distance of between 1m and 3m. It has a contrast ratio of 2500:1 and weighs 617g. The Qumi projector can connect to a smartphone, laptop or tablet and replicate visual information stored on it. It is also suitable for use with a games console and has its own built-in speaker.

In order to capitalise on the 3D capabilities of the Qumi Pocket Projector, the host computer needs to have a 3D-compliant graphics card that supports 120Hz playback. A pair of 3D glasses is also required.

The Qumi has a standard resolution of 1280x800 pixels but can show HD footage captured at 1920x720p. Connection options include USB 2.0, HDMI, composite video, component audio and RGB. It has a slot for microSD cards so you can show off the photos taken on your smartphone camera without running down the battery by connecting it to the projector.

The projector measures 160x10x31mm and costs around £500 inc VAT.