Firebox has started selling the Aiptek HD 3D camcorder unveiled back in June. The £200 3D video camera has two separate lenses and image sensors to record 720p footage in 3D.

Users can preview 3D movies on the camcorder's 2.4in display using special glasses supplied as part of the camcorder package. The video footage can also be viewed on a PC or TV screen. Both USB and HDMI cables to transfer footage or directly view it from the Aiptek camera are provided.

Parallax Barrier technology on the LCD display allows the user to see a live preview of what they're recording as they go. The camcorder records Mpeg4 video and has a built-in encoder to convert it to anaglyph 3D - the type viewable using red/blue filter glasses. 

The HD 3D Camcorder can also be used to capture standard (2D) video footage and 5Mp photos. Aiptek says the camera battery will last approximately 90 minutes when recording video. Video and photos are saved to a Secure Digital memory card. SD cards of up to 32GB can be used.

The Aiptek HD 3D Camcorder costs £199 at Firebox.

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