At CES 2020, trusted Apple accessories partner Belkin has announced its Boost Charge 3-in-1, a more clunkily-named by entirely more practical version of the triple charging dream. Its design is more obvious and familiar, with a stand to rest your iPhone, while your AirPods sit in a divot that your Apple Watch’s band encircles while it charges on an upright connector.

Available in black and white, the latter looks a little like AirPower but with two standing portions for Watch and iPhone. This means that if at a desk or bedside table you can put your Watch in Nightstand mode to use as an alarm clock.

Every iPhone since the iPhone 8 is compatible with wireless charging, and every Apple Watch can charge on the 3-in-1, which will sell for £99.99 from April. The first-gen AirPods will not work, but the second-gen with wireless charging case will, as will the AirPods Pro.

Belkin also announced the £49.99 Boost Charge Dual Wireless Charging Pads 10W (below) and it really does what it says on the tin. Available from May, it looks like AirPower even more than the 3-in-1, but Belkin says it can only charge two phones at once – so you may be out of luck with AirPods and definitely with Apple Watch.

Image: Belkin

It could be a handy accessory if you and your partner both have a wirelessly chargeable phone and want one place to put them down in the house to give some juice.

Belkin released a slew of other charging accessories at CES that you can check out on its website