For consumer use, Acer already sells a marginally cheaper 20 Ansi lumens model, the C20. This retails for £179 and went onsale last year.

The Acer C110 connects to any USB device and can display whatever content is stored on it. No external power source is required. A mini USB cable is supplied with the compact device. It has a single focus wheel and can beam slideshow and video footage on to any convenient blank wall or a projector screen and can produce an image up to 25in across. The display offers a 1,000:1 contrast ratio.

The Acer C110 uses a DLP LED lamp. This requires no warming up time, unlike a traditional lamp. It is mercury-free and has no breakable parts such as bulb filaments. The LED lamp is rated for 20,000 hours of use before needing to be replaced. LED DLP technology is ideal due to its better colour saturation of between 60 and 120 percent over traditional lamps, says Acer.

Acer also demonstrated its C112 “step-up” model in the pico projector range. This £229 model has a brightness of 70 Ansi lumens, a 20,000-hour LED lamp and can be used as a powered device running off the mains or with a battery pack that sits underneath it and that is the same size as the 245g projector. First announced at the end of 2010, the Acer C112 has already launched in some territories and will come to the UK from the end of July.

Acer will then have five pico projectors in its range and, with the addition of 3D models, intends to have eight by next year. Acer sells an iPod adapter for its pico projectors that fits the C112 and the C20 models and that is compatible with the iPad as well as iPhone and iPods. Acer also plans to offer a 26in reflective projector screen as an accessory for its new pico models. Set to launch in late August or early September, this screen will double the brightness of the projector display. The screen will fold up to around A4 size for portability.

Acer is the third-biggest name in the worldwide projector market, explained Acer AV business development manager Nick Walter. In EMEA it ranks second, closely behind Epson, and has a 13.8% market share. Walter says the company has seen a four percent year on year increase in its share in this sector and credits the pico market as “contributing quite significantly to this growth”.

The pico projector segment is of particular interest to businesses and the education sector due to its combination of “ultra lightweight mobility with brilliance”, says Acer.