The most expensive plan is the Note 10 Plus 5G for £86 per month, which is mad, but at least it gets you a generous 100GB data. BT Plus customers will be able to double the data bundles for the same prices, so as ever BT’s mobile plans are a better deal if you are already a BT broadband customer.

BT’s 5G network will piggyback off EE’s 5G network, which BT owns. We reviewed EE’s 5G network when it launched and were impressed by the speeds but don’t currently recommend anyone pay the high-end fee just to get a 5G phone and plan as the benefits are not worth it yet.

5G coverage is only available in 20 cities, and even within those cities coverage is incredibly limited. You can check if BT 5G is in your area here and BT said it is aiming to add an additional 25 places by the end of the year.

You can also get onto BT’s 5G network via BT Business Mobile if you run your own company. Either way, we wouldn’t shell out for 5G yet as it’ll be at least two more years before there is anything approaching close to 100% UK coverage.