But the Mi Mix Alpha will not be a foldable phone and the display probably won’t wrap all the way round to the rear of the phone. According to rumours it’s a fully realised waterfall design where the display curves down the walls of the phone, topping the screen seen on the Vivo NEX 3 by being able to claim 100% coverage of the front of the body.

Further leaks show a phone that looks a lot like the Mate X when folded, with a black bar housing the cameras being the only interruption to a device that has a full display all the way round its body. Whatever the Mi Mix Alpha turns out to be, it’s going to be a cutting edge design.

A wraparound display that doesn’t fold out has less utility though, and is more engineering for the sake of it.

The teaser posters also name a Mi 9 Pro phone that will launch alongside the Mi Mix Alpha, and it looks like both phones will be 5G compatible. Xiaomi has launched a mad number of phones in the Mi 9 line, and the Pro looks set to be the next.

You can watch the Mi Mix Alpha and Mi 9 Pro launch live stream right here.

We review nearly every Xiaomi phone that comes out and you can be sure we're eager to get our hands on these next two - particularly the Mi Mix Alpha.