Vodafone's latest bundle offer gets you a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Bud earphones, worth £139, with a purchase of a Galaxy S10 Plus or S10 5G phone. You will need to claim the Buds before 12 August.

Claims must be made between 30 to 60 days from the date of purchase. You will need to provide your date of purchase, order details, IMEI number, proof of purchase and personal details. Once Samsung validates the claim, you should receive the Galaxy Buds within 45 days. See full details here.

See our review of the Galaxy S10 5G (4.5/5 stars, Tech Advisor Recommended) and the S10 Plus. We've also collected the best Galaxy S10 deals and 5G phone deals on now.

S10 5G Vodafone contract deals

5G contract plans on Vodafone start at £64 per month and £49 upfront for 5GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes.

There are unlimited plans too, starting at £72 per month with £29 upfront, on Unlimited Lite. Lite operates at 2Mpbs, which according to Vodafone should be sufficient for web browsing, social media, emails and high quality music streaming.

Of course, to get the most out of 5G, you might as well add streaming services to your plan. The faster Unlimited with Entertainment plan costs £81 per month, with a £29 upfront cost; you can choose to add Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Now TV or Sky Sports Mobile TV, which would be included for the contract length of two years.

Keep in mind if you pick up a 5G phone, you'll have to check that 5G coverage is offered in your area. You can use Vodafone's Network Status Checker.

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You can find other S10 5G contract deals below, but non-Vodafone deals won't be eligible for the Galaxy Buds.

S10 Plus Vodafone contract deals

S10 Plus contract plans start at £48 per month and £29 upfront which gets you 5GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes. This plan was previously £50 per month and £99 upfront, which saves you £118 over a two year period. View this deal over at Vodafone now.

There is the Unlimited Lite plan for the S10 Plus as well, for £56 per month and £29 upfront. For a higher speed, there's the 10Mbps standard Unlimited Plan at £29 upfront and £59 per month.

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You can compare more Galaxy S10 Plus contract deals below, but again, non-Vodafone deals won't be eligible for the Galaxy Buds.