We're excited about the 5G Samsung Galaxy S10. The phone, which begins shipping 7 June, promises lightning speeds that are about 20 times faster than the 4G version, and a lower latency too, which means you could stream 4K content on a data connection. Read more about the Galaxy S10 5G.

The S10 5G phone is also larger with a 6.7in screen and a bigger 4,500mAh battery. It also has a grand total of six cameras, with two front-facing and four on the back. All these features do place the Galaxy S10 5G at an eye-watering £1,099 if you pre-order SIM-free directly from Samsung.

On contract though, Vodafone's current pre-order deals save you £96 in total over the 24-month term when you sign up before 6 June 2019. After this date, you can expect a £4 hike in the monthly rate.

There are a few S10 5G pre-order plans to choose from, though the best one we're seeing gets you 30GB of data on the network's Red Entertainment plan. The plan costs £66 per month, £49 upfront and includes a choice of Amazon Prime Video, Sky Sports, Spotify Premium, or a Now TV Entertainment Pass. See this deal here.

EE is the other network offering the Galaxy S10 5G, but its plan is pricier with 30GB of data at £79 per month with.

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