The original price of this deal is £20 per month, but £138 cashback drops the price to under a tenner a month. You will have to claim the cashback at specific intervals through the 12-month term upon receiving your monthly bill, which you can do via a Mobiles account.

While Affordable Mobile's £8/60GB SIM isn't available, it is worth taking a look at its Vodafone Red Entertainment plan, also with 60GB of data at 5G speeds on a 12-month term. It costs £5.50 more, which translates to £13.50 per month, but you also get a free 1-year subscription to either Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV or Sky Sports. See this Entertainment plan over at Affordable Mobiles.

If you prefer more data why not see our round up of the best unlimited data SIM-only deals? We're also rounding up the best SIM-deal right here.

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