The best value for money is on the highly recommended mid-range Galaxy A90 5G, which gets a hefty £500 off. This reduces the £55 monthly cost to an affordable £35 per month. The upfront cost is also reduced to £9 from £29.

If you want a flashier phone, the Galaxy Fold 5G has £270 off the upfront cost, which is now £29. The monthly rate remains £99 per month, leaving it hard to recommend.

The only non-Samsung 5G phone included in the discounts is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which has £404 off. Vodafone has reduced the Mi Mix 3's monthly rate on Unlimited Max to £55 per month from £71, and has reduced the the upfront cost to £9 from £29. See our Mi Mix 3 review.

Check out Vodafone's sale before it ends now.

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