This isn’t the only Black Friday deal that Smarty is offering. You can also get the 50GB plan for £12 per month (down from £15 per month), which also comes with unlimited UK calls and texts.

If you’d prefer to connect to a 5G network, then sadly Smarty's plan doesn't cover this. However, Three – the company owner of Smarty – also has a great Unlimited SIM-only deal for Black Friday. You can lock in for unlimited data, calls and texts for £17 per month on either a 12-month contract, or a 24-month contract.

These deals include 5G, as well as Three’s Go Roam feature which allows you to use your SIM in 71 destinations across the world at no additional cost to your existing plan. Of course, 5G infrastructure isn't yet up to scratch, so a 5G SIM is only really beneficial in the long term. 

You can get the Smarty Unlimited SIM plan here, and Three’s Unlimited SIM plan here. Alternatively check out our other recommended SIM-only plans, the best SIM-only plans for kids and the best Black Friday deals across tech this week.