With phones getting increasingly larger, the fact Samsung is now offering customers a choice in sizing comes is commendable. The Note family has real draws over the S-series for consumers, in particular the enhanced S Pen with new Air Actions, but forcing them to upgrade to a 6.8in phone would be putting it out of reach for those who prefer a smaller phone.

Samsung has also been able to pack a higher-capacity battery in the Plus model, up to 4,300mAh over the 3,500mAh of the standard model.

The actual difference between the two in real terms is only about a centimetre on the height, half a centimetre on the width, and 30g - that's a serving of Coco Pops (or, at least, the recommended serving). But it's enough to make a difference in how comfortable the phone feels in the hand.

A couple of extra depth sensors on the rear of the Plus promise a hardware version of what the regular Note 10 can achieve through software, but the pair otherwise look very similar.

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