First to be available from this week, alongside the launch of the new fifth-generation Apple smartphone, is the Impact Band. This particular design of case is said to be Tech21’s most popular product.

It’s a translucent thermoplastic polyurethane cover, lined with D3O on its edges.

Impactology: D3O in action

D3O is a impact resistant gel that is designed to harden momentarily when treated to a sudden shock. The orange-dyed plastic can be seen around the edge of the Impact Band’s case.

Here at PC Advisor, we have reviewed other products from Tech21 using the D3O polymer inside, such as the Slip Case for MacBook Pro, Impact Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab and the award-winning Impact Base for iPad 2.

Tech21 Impact Band for iPhone 5

Holes are cut out for the camera, mute switch and Lightning dock, while embedded plastic buttons make contact with the iPhone’s volume and standby buttons. 

As well as the clear option, the Tech21 Impact Band for iPhone 5 is available in a choice of colors, described as Smokey and Pink.

The Tech21 Impact Band is priced at £24.99. 

iPhone 5 shell in Tech21 case

Tech21 gets snappy

Also coming next week will be the Tech21 Impact Snap case. This take a hard polycarbonate shell that clips on to the phone, and is again using pieces of bright orange D3O inside.

Tech21 snap case back for iPhone 5

Tech21 snap case inside for iPhone 5

The Tech21 Impact Snap case for iPhone 5 is also priced at £24.99.