You can read our regularly updated Best smartphone, Best Android phone and Best Windows phone group tests to work out which smartphone is best for you. Here we pit together the Xperia Z and BlackBerry Z10 to find out how they compare.

Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10: Design and build

The Z10 is a pretty slim 9.2mm. It's nice and light at 135g and fits snugly in your hand. The Xperia Z is noticably bigger, but also thinner - 7.9mm and 145g. Furthermore the Xperia Z is dust- and waterproof.

This does mean that mean things such as the headphone- and micro SD ports must be hidden behind flaps which stick out when you have headphones plugged in.

There is also a tiny gap on the front and back of the Xperia Z between the glass panel and the frame of the phone.

Both have powerful core specifications. And both are fast phones - performance is neck and neck.

Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10: Display

Both the Z10 and Xperia Z have great screens, unimaginable even 18 months ago. The Xperia Z is categorically better, but it is also bigger which means the phone is bigger: a few people might find that the Z10 is better for their needs.

Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10: Storage and connectivity

Both the Xperia Z and BlackBerry Z10 are a bit limited on the storage front with only 16GB models. There is a microSD card for up to 32GB- and 64GB cards respectively, though.

The Xperia Z is not short on connectivity, including 4G,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC. Beyond the usual microUSB and headphone ports, there are two metal contacts on the left hand side of the handset for use with a docking station.

The BlackBerry Z10  has a microUSB slot and headphone port, with an additional Micro HDMI port – handy if you like connecting your phone to a larger display. Inside there is 4G, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and NFC which is what we've come to expect from a high-end smartphone.

Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10: Camera

The Xperia Z has a 13Mp rear facing camera with Sony's Exmor RS sensor.

There's also a decent 2Mp front facing webcam. Like the rear camera, it can shoot Full HD 1080p video.

The main downside on the camera side of things is that Sony has ditched the dedicated shutter button which it so often uses.

By contrast the Z10's main camera is 8Mp with an LED flash. The rear camera can record video in up to Full HD 1080p quality.

Photos are okay for a high-end smartphone, but nothing more.

Both handsets offer high-calibre cameras, but the Xperia Z wins this one in our book.

Sony Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10: Software

The Xperia Z comes pre-loaded with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and will be upgrade to version 4.2 shortly after launch according to Sony. The BlackBerry Z10 is the first device to run BlackBerry 10 - the company's all-new operating system. Both operating systems are slick and stylish, but Android has the edge for consumers with its wider range of apps and media. BlackBerry may be better for business use, however.

Sony Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10: Battery life

The Xperia Z not only lasted a day but went a good way through a second.

We got about what we expected from the Z10 which was no more than a day of battery life. It's a shame that it’s a smartphone that you'll have to charge every night, many of the top smartphones last a couple of days. We were hoping it might be an area where BlackBerry could offer something more.

Sony Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10: verdict

Make no mistake these are both great smartphones. Each offers access to email, web, apps, games, music, movies and more. Both have solid battery lives of around a day in moderate use. They are fast performers, beautifully built. The Z10 is the better business phone, fits in your pocket a little easier and feels less likely to be damaged.

But the Xperia Z has a better (the best ever) display, has access to the greater riches of the Play store and has a better camera.