Other contract plans start at £50 per month and £49 upfront, though lower monthly rates are available at a higher upfront cost. These plans all qualify for the free PlayStation 4 console and game bundle too, though not plans are on Red Entertainment – which means you won't get the option to add a streaming service for free. See all Vodafone Xperia 1 plans here.

The 100GB Red Entertainment Plan offers excellent value for money, with up to £488 in savings if you choose Spotify. The PS4 console-game bundle alone is worth £249, while two years of Spotify at £9.99 adds up to another £239. You still save with the other streaming options of course: two years of Prime Video at £7.99 costs £191.76 in total and Sky Sports Mobile at £5.99 per month adds up to £143.76.

Sony Xperia 1 pay monthly deals right now

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