It’s anyone’s guess as to what the phone will be called, as Sony’s naming conventions are erratic at best. Our guess is Xperia 2, but then again that’s what we thought the Xperia 5 would be called. The report suggests Xperia 0, Xperia 1.1 or Xperia 1 Premium – the latter of which is the least horrendous to our ears.

It might be nice for Sony not to put ‘5G’ in the product name. Every other manufacturer is doing this as the technology is pushed to market but it makes for some horrendous branding.

If it follows the premium Xperia 1, the new phone will have top of the line specs and performance, likely with a 21:9 display that allows for full screen viewing of cinematic videos (fingers crossed it doesn't have the camera cut out, then). It’s a quirk in the modern smartphone era, but a good one.

We don’t know about pricing but the Xperia 1 was a stretch at £849 for a brand that isn’t exactly top dog right now. If the rumours are true, the new 5G Xperia will be a very capable Sony phone, but probably the first to retail at £1,000.

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