All of Samsung’s S20 phones have 120Hz refresh rate displays, so it’d be an odd move for Samsung to make one of the Notes with the standard 60Hz. The Note 20 Ultra is expected to have a larger, curved edge display and 120Hz screen.

The rumour that the smaller Note 20 has a plastic back is the oddest detail, and one we find hard to believe. Unless Samsung is trying to mark the Note 20 phones with a large price difference then we still expect the phone to have a premium glass finish.

A 108Mp main camera is thought to grace the Note 20 Ultra while the regular Note 20 will get a triple array with 12Mp wide, 12Mp ultra-wide, and 64Mp portrait and telephoto sensors.

The final new detail is of the S-Pen that defines Samsung’s Note series. The small Note 20 is said to have an S-Pen with a 26-millisecond response time compared to the Note 20 Ultra’s 9-millisecond. It’s not much when you’re counting in such small increments but if accurate, the Note 20 is going to be much less of a flagship to the Note 20 Ultra than the Note 10 was to the Note 10 Plus.

The Note 20 phones will launch at Samsung Unpacked on 5 August. 

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