With the Galaxy S20, users can use Single Take mode to capture several images and videos of a moving scene automatically using AI. We’ve tested it and it works pretty well, giving you more usable content than if you were to try and grab one perfect photo from a subject.

Image: Samsung

Improvements to night modes on phones are always welcome too. It’s all part of Samsung recent big push to improve its track record when it comes to software updates. The S10 and Note 10 lines are already on Android 10, a step up from the past few years when Samsung has been pretty slow to update its older flagships.

With feature pushes like this, it makes more sense than ever to buy last year’s phone at a discount than the shiny new S20. The update is said to also ad a Pro Video mode and updates to the Gallery app. It also introduced Quick Share, Samsung’s version of Apple’s AirDrop, and Music Share to let people near you easier connect to Bluetooth speakers.

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