What will be launched?

It's hard to know what Samsung has planned given it launches so many phones. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how many mid-range and budget phones the Korean company puts out given the dominance of the Galaxy S series in the West.

We recently reviewed the excellent Galaxy S10, and Samsung is clearly keen to keep positive coverage coming its way with new A series phones and, eventually, the Galaxy Fold

We recently gave the £269 Galaxy A7 a solid four star review, while we also covered the launch of the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 at Mobile World Congress. With the Galaxy A9 only launched last October, Samsung is going to have to delve into an even more convoluted naming scheme to bring us something new come 10 April.

There is little else to go on save for the above image and the words in the release that say, "No matter where we are, we want our interactions to feel the same as face-to-face conversations. We want to share our experiences as they happen. And we want to discover more as life unfolds."

The photo has three screens, so we could be seeing three phones, though potentially three cameras given the four we saw on the A9. The words of the release seem to suggest a decent camera array given the focus on quality 'face-to-face conversations' and sharing experiences.

Either way, Tech Advisor will be at the event in Milan to bring you all the news on 10 April.