When is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date?

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 (pictured) hasn’t been around for long, so it stands to reason that its successor wouldn't launch at Samsung's Unpacked event at CES in January when it launched the S21 range.

According to Korean news outlet ETNews, the latter half of 2021 is set to be choc-full of Samsung foldables, including one, if not two variants of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. And one could be the Galaxy Z Fold FE.

The report makes mention of two "fold-type" and two "flip-type" devices - all cited as supporting 5G. The Fold 3 may be accompanied by a more affordable Fold Lite device and it's thought that it'll be a similar situation with the Flip phones too.

If what ETNews is saying is concrete, then this new launch lineup only adds fuel to the fire concerning the demise of the company's Note line.

Samsung has used its September Unpacked events to announce the previous Fold models too, so it would seem logical for it to stick to this 12-month release cycle. Mark September 2021 on your calendar until further notice.

We'll be getting other Samsung phones before this, such as the Galaxy S21 range and maybe the Z Flip 2. There are also rumours of a Z Fold S and Z Fold Scroll.

What is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 price?

Although the Z Fold 3 is still a way off, there are rumours about the price. Mauri QHD, a leaker with a good track record, says that it will cost the same as the Z Fold 2.

He does say to take it with a pinch of salt at this stage, but it would put the Galaxy Z Fold 3 price at around £1,800 or $2,000.

What are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 specs

Considering the huge jump in innovation between the first two Fold models, don’t go expecting the same again. Samsung managed to fix a number of elements including the silly small 4.6in front screen and improved the mechanical workings. Read our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold review.

The Fold 3 will likely be more subtle improvements and refinements.

During its Samsung 2020 Investor Forum, the firm talked about how it is working on launching a thinner and lighter foldable device. This, we assume is the Fold 3, and is good news considering that folding phones with this sort of design have been rather chunky so far – the Z Fold 2 isn’t far off 300g, for example.

There are also some decent rumours about some key specs. The first being that an under-screen camera will be used for the selfie camera.

“It is heard that Samsung Electronics is designing a display that has wider pixel spacing in the area where UDC will be placed in order to secure opening ratio and so that there will not be an issue with taking pictures.” reports 9to5Google.

This would take better pictures as well as solve the awkward placement of the camera on the Z Fold 2. That’s if you don’t simply use the main cameras on the back of the phone along with the outer display. 

It wouldn't be the first Samsung laptop with an under-display camera though, with the company's technology set to debut in the Blade Bezel laptop

We can expect small upgrades here and there, likely to those outer cameras, a new processor and Samsung likes to introduce new colours with a new generation.

As more rumours and news emerge, we'll update this article to let you know.

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