We've gone through all the providers to sort out the best unlimited data deals on the Galaxy Z Flip with upfront costs of £100 or less upfront.

Cheapest monthly cost

If you don't mind a 36-month contract, you can pick up unlimited data deal from O2 for £70.95 per month with a £40 upfront cost. The total cost amounts to £2594 over the contract term. You can add 6 months of Amazon Prime Video or Audible for free. Check out this Galaxy Z Flip deal from O2.

Prefer a shorter commitment with bundled streaming services? You can pick up an EE unlimited data plan from Carphone Warehouse that's £99.99 upfront and £84 per month. The offer includes 3 months of BT Sport and 6 months of Apple Music for free. The total cost is £2115.99 over a 24-month period.

Cheapest upfront costs

EE has an unlimited plan for £99 per month, with £30 upfront – which is the cheapest upfront price we've seen so far on an unlimited plan. The total contract adds up to £2406 over a 24-month period. The plan includes Apple Music and MTV Play for 6 months and 3 months of BT Sport for free. Head to EE to see this deal.

Keeping the same upfront cost but with £5 more per month (£105 monthly), you can add up to two separate streaming services through the whole contract period, like BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video for free. This takes the total cost of the plan to £2526 over a 24-month period. Head to EE to see this deal.

Cheapest total cost

The cheapest deal overall however comes from Vodafone, with a £79.99 upfront cost and £78 per month. Just keep in mind that the data speeds cap at 2Mbps. The total cost is £1951.99 over a 24-month period. See this deal from Carphone Warehouse now.

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