Samsung’s second Galaxy foldable has been leaked extensively over the past few weeks and now WinFuture has posted what looks like official renders of the phone, also revealing its full specifications. The foldable flip phone will be called the Galaxy Z Flip as expected.

It will run the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, not the newer 865 expected in some versions of the Galaxy S20 series. It’ll also have 8GB RAM and 256GB storage and use what Samsung calls Ultra Thin Glass on its 22:9 6.7in display, meaning a more durable screen than the Galaxy Fold. Hopefully.

A 1.06in external screen not clearly visible on the leaks will be an always on display that shows the time, status and notifications as a hark back to the flip phones of yesteryear.

Image: WinFuture

Also packed in will be dual 12Mp cameras, one of which is an ultra-wide sensor, with an internal 10Mp front facing lens. The phone comes in black or purple and, according to Max Weinbach, will cost $1,400 – more than the rumoured $1,000 price point.

Samsung will be praying the Z Flip has a less bumpy launch than the Galaxy Fold, which was delayed after journalists received faulty review units.

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