The Z Flip will resemble the Razr with a horizontally folding flip phone design.

Rumours suggest that Samsung has achieved the price of the Z Flip through a combination of learning via the Fold’s release and by using lesser parts. The Z Flip is said to have a smaller battery than the Fold and the same Snapdragon 855 processor as opposed to the 865 which will be found in the Galaxy S20 series – the phones that will probably be launched alongside the Z Flip.

Despite this it would be significantly more powerful than the Razr, which for 50% more only has a Snapdragon 710. The Z Flip is also said to have the first technically glass folding display, using a technology that blends glass and plastic, meaning the display may have a more solid feel to it.

All said, we are pretty excited to see if Samsung can nail the release of its second foldable after the troubled release of the Fold.

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