You might not believe we're already on the fifth generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphone but technology moves quickly and the Galaxy S5 is upon us. But how is it different to the Galaxy S4 and what's new?

To answer your questions, we've taken the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5, put them side-by-side and compared them in all areas. In this video we go through the specs of each phone, pointing out how they are different and what that means to your purchase. See also: Samsung Galaxy S5: Release date, price and specs.

Whether you've got a Galaxy S4 (or previous Galaxy) and pondering whether to upgrade or a non-Galaxy owner trying to decide between the two, our comparison review will help you make that decision.

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As you'll see in the video, not a great deal has changed from the Galaxy S4 to the Galaxy S5. New smartphones come along very quickly these days and there's also the fact that we're coming to a point when the technology is hitting a bit of a ceiling.

Samsung has stuck to a very similar design which looks instantly recognisable as a Samsung device, but there's little to distinguish the Galaxy S5 from previous models and the firm's other phones. Namely a 'perforated' rear cover, but there is added dust- and waterproof IP ratings.  

Key new features are the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor so these will be key to your decision if you're pondering whether to upgrade. There are tweaks elsewhere but the improvements are small. Watch the video for all the details.

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