Reliable tech leaker Ice Universe has now tweeted below what they claim is the S11 Plus:

They say the lenses will be ultra-wide, main and telephoto, with the graphic covering up the right hand side of the camera module. Ice says they don’t know the rest of the cameras, and it’s unclear if this is an official render.

The telephoto lens is square and is likely to be a telescopic one like those found on the Huawei P30 Pro and Oppo Reno 10x Zoom – so expect more than 2x telephoto.

The three lenses on show have the same functions as the three on the S10 series (bar the S10e) so Samsung might be keeping the experience largely the same, but adding a potential time of flight sensor and maybe one extra sensor just to spice things up.

The fact half the module is showing means we can deduce it’ll be twice the width of what’s on show, confirming the large, top left rectangular positioning.

In recent weeks, Ice has commented on other leaks saying he doesn’t think they are legit, so a tweet like this leaves us feeling confident given his track record. We’ll see come February, when the S11 Plus is due to debut.