Update 31-07-2019: Samsung has just slashed £300 off the Galaxy S10 Plus 1TB. See details here.

Update 09-07-2019: Amazon slashed £199 off the 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus as well (Dual-SIM, Prism White), which is now £1,199.99.

The 5G model is only available in the 256GB capacity, and unless you're planning to change your network to Vodafone or EE, plans on the 5G are still limited. You can however see the best Galaxy S10 5G plans in our dedicated round up or through our price comparison tool below.

In addition to the S10, Samsung slashed £200 off the Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB in ceramic, now £899 from £1,099. In other words, you could pick up the S10 Plus 512GB for just £100 more than the usual cost of the S10 512GB. Amazon beats this price narrowly though, at £889.95 but its the non-ceramic model.

Plus, install the Amazon Assistant now and get £10/US$10 off your next order.

If you pick up a SIM-free S10 or S10 Plus, we'd also recommend Vodafone's 100GB unlimited text and minutes plan for £14 per month available from Mobiles.co.uk.

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