As predicted, Samsung has added to one of the most popular phablet ranges with the Galaxy Note 4. See also: Best smartphones 2014.

The larger than life smartphone can be yours if you're happy to splash out a cool £600 making it one of the most expensive handsets around, although it's a little cheaper than the similarly sized iPhone 6 Plus.

The Note 4 looks very similar to previous generations with Samsung changing very little to the overall look. However, Samsung has added some metal around the edge and the rear cover, although still made of thin plastic, doesn't have the tacky stitching. Unfortunately, it's not dust and water resistant like the Galaxy S5.

This is a big and heavy smartphone and is actually a little thicker than the Galaxy Note 3. Most of the time you'll want to use it with two hands and you might struggle to fit it in some pockets.

Samsung has stuck with a 5.7in screen size but increased the resolution to match the LG G3 at Quad HD. Not only does the screen look ridiculously crisp, it has excellent viewing angles from any direction and has bags of brightness. Read: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note Edge comparison review.

There's other top-end hardware which is exactly what we expect from the latest Note. And we saw the best ever result in GeekBench 3. Other benchmarks weren't quite as impressive but the Note 4 is a speedy device day-to-day.

Battery life is ok but nothing to write home about with the phone lasting a day comfortably but not with enough remaining charge for it to not need charging. In its favour is the ultra power saving mode and fast charging.

Although it's cheaper than the iPhone 6 Plus, you get twice as much storage as standard at 32 GB. That's the only capacity but there's also a microSD card slot for adding more, up to 128GB.

Connectivity is exceptional with almost everything you could think of including an IR blaster and Cat 6 4G LTE.

Like the Galaxy S5, the Note 4 comes with a heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner, although the latter still requires an awkward swipe gesture. There's also a UV sensor if you want to measure the level when sun bathing.

Upgrades from the Note 3 continue with an excellent 16 Mp rear camera with optical image stabilisation, live HDR and 4K video recording. The front camera is now 3.7 Mp and has a wide selfie mode.

The Galaxy Note 4 runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat, and will almost certainly be updated to Android Lollipop. TouchWiz has been improved with nicer looking widgets, less bloatware and even Lollipop style recent apps before it's been released.

You'll probably be buying the Note 4 for the S Pen stylus which now offers 2048 levels of sensitivity. We like using it as a simple input device but you can do a lot more with S Note and Air Command – it just takes a while to learn how to use the features.

The Galaxy Note 4 is a bit of a handful and is rather expensive but lovers of the Galaxy Note range will likely be enamoured with this edition. It is, on the whole, a great device with plenty of power and features. Just make sure you want a phablet before committing.