While there is still no official UK release date some in London have already got their hands on the Fold thanks to very limited numbers being available in select stores.

The first version of the Fold, which we reviewed here, was delayed after many US reviewers ended up with broken review units. Dirt caught in the hinge mechanism, while others removed what they thought was a screen protector but turned out to be an integral layer to the display.

Samsung has tucked that layer under the bezel and added T-shaped caps to the hinge to stop dirt and dust getting in there. But as this JerryRigEverything video shows, it’s not going to stop this device from being incredibly fragile. The stress test video also sees permanent marks being left on the display from fingernails. Yikes.

Again, it folds in half, so is necessarily plastic. It is amazing hardware but with compromises that don’t realistically make it a phone that you should expect to last the normal two or three years. Overall, it’s remarkable that Samsung has pushed through and got this problematic smartphone released in the first place. You’ll just need enough disposable income to warrant buying one.