The external cover is also equipped with a touchscreen so that the Fold can be used as a compact digital device, much like any conventional smartphone. This smartphone screen is Samsung's largest to date, making the Fold's compact mode a desirable advantage to customers. The Fold boasts a number of intriguing features, such as the Multi-Active Window which allows users to multi-task across three apps simultaneously. When opened up, the migration from exterior to interior is seamless, intuitive and user-friendly. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The new 5G Fold also offers connectivity with 5G networks where services exist. As 5G is rolled out in more and more areas, this will become increasingly important to today's users. Samsung has partnered exclusively with EE as their network provider, since EE was the first network to adopt 5G technology. 

The CEO of BT’s Consumer division, Marc Allera, said of the device: "The new Galaxy Fold 5G offers EE customers a completely new smartphone experience, all on the UK’s first 5G network and best 4G network six years running. With our new EE unlimited plans and swappable benefits like BT Sport and Amazon Prime, our customers can enjoy their favourite TV, film, sport, games and new experiences on the Galaxy Fold 5G’s impressive display, all with the fastest speeds in more places than on any other network."

The Corporate Vice President of Samsung UK and Ireland, Conor Pierce, was similarly enthusiastic about the new Fold. "Samsung is immensely proud to bring the new Galaxy Fold 5G to the UK with our exclusive partner, EE," he commented.

"A decade on from our first Galaxy smartphone, we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation to the next level by unveiling our most iconic device yet. Now with future-ready 5G capabilities, we’ve changed the face of the smartphone as we know it; we can’t wait to unfold even more exciting possibilities with this innovative device”.

Consumers will be able to experience the new devices for themselves after the release date - they'll be on display at Harrods, Selfridges and Samsung KX in London.