It's not clear if the ‘Special Edition’ name will be used but if the $1,099 price is correct, while still expensive, it’ll make the Fold affordable for a lot more people who will be able to justify the price. Crucially, he claims that only around 55,000 units will be made, numbers that could sell out very fast for a product that might not be available worldwide. Samsung claims it has sold around 500,000 of the original Fold. 

Author of the XDA report Max Weinbach also has many industry sources, and he claims the rumour is in line with what he has heard, though suggests Samsung might use the names ‘Galaxy Fold e’ or Galaxy Fold Lite’. He suggests it’ll be a 4G only model with a mixz of parts and perhaps a smaller external display:

If the phone gains a Snapdragon 865 over the 855 of the original and ships at around half the price, Samsung could be onto a winner. We liked aspects of Fold when we reviewed it, but were at pains to recommend it thanks to its mad price, fragility and awkward screen sizes. 

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