In a press release Realme said the X50 Pro 5G, its second 5G phone, will be the first 5G phone released to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865’s 5G platform. Samsung has announced its 5G S20 phones already, but Realme’s claim is valid if it beats the S20 phones to market (they are scheduled for release on 6 March).

On its Twitter page, Realme also teased that the phone will have a 90Hz refresh rate:

It’ll also get 65W fast charging:

Realme has carved itself out as a fast growing manufacturer in the same way Redmi and Honor have from their parent companies Xiaomi and Huawei. It takes tech from parent company Oppo and tends to release it at a lower price and with faster upgrade cycles to its devices.

It has even been suggested that Realme will fully break away from Oppo soon thanks to its growing success. 

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