Qualcomm develops Quick Charge to license to its OEM partners who may also use its processors, such as Samsung.

Qualcomm claims when charging a 4,500mAh battery, QC5 can charge from 0-50% in five minutes and have the cell fully charged in 15 minutes. This is exceptionally fast, and if implanted successfully into devices could signal a true change in charging habits among smartphone users.

The company also said that the technology can be up to 10C cooler, 70% more efficient, and 4 times faster than QC4. But the 100W possibility relies on phones having dual cells, which helps the charge be regulated safely. When charging one cell, as is the case with many smartphones, QC5 will be limited to 45W speeds.

Expect to see phones with Quick Charge 5 hitting sale shelves soon.

Image: Qualcomm

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