Google’s Pixel smartphones have been quite the hit over the last few years, with the 3a being the surprise hit. The firm getting back to the value days of the Nexus was very welcome, so will there be a Pixel 4a?

Actually, there could be two or three, with XDA-Developers pointing to codenames Sunfish, Redfin and Bramble as the Pixel 4a, 4a XL and, for the first time, a 5G version. These codenames are linked to their processors, with Sunfish sporting the Snapdragon 730, and both Redfin and Bramble the Snapdragon 765, a new Qualcomm chip that has an integrated 5G modem.

Of course, this doesn't mean the line will have 5G, but it would certainly be interesting as an affordable 5G option.

Since then, XDA has found references to these phones in the Google Camera 7.3 update which shows the codenames next to "pixel_20_mid_range", effectively confirming the Pixel 4a rather than a Pixel 5. It seems most likely that sunfish is the 4a and bramble being the 4a XL. The site says that redfin is probably a development board.

This is contrary to an earlier rumour from YouTuber Dave Lee who claims there will only be one size of the phone and it will be the smaller, regular model.

Pixel 4a release date

Although there was talk of the 4a arriving alongside the flagship Pixel 4 last October, that didn’t happen.

We’re not surprised since the 3a hadn’t been around long enough with a 12 month cycle common for phones. Since the 3a was announced in May 2019, that seems like the best bet for the 4a this year.

Pixel 4a price

With the Pixel 3a coming in at an affordable £399, we expect the Pixel 4a to be similar. It would be unlikely for Google to drop the price lower following the shaky Pixel 4 launch - even if those prices were lower than the Pixel 3 - so the price could even go up a little.

Pixel 4a specs

Google has made a name for itself thanks largely to the cameras available on Pixel phones. Its phones were the first to have more than one camera on the rear. So will that be the case for the 4a?

We think it’s unlikely at the lower price, but the good news is that Google has proven it can offer incredible performance from just one lens thanks to software.

What’s more likely, according to 91mobiles where the renders are from, is that the 4a will have a rear fingerprint scanner once again, but the front will look different due to a punch-hole camera. This is where the lens is completely surrounded by the display.

The cameras are likely to be 12Mp at the rear and 8Mp at the front.

Google Pixel 4a smartphone

The renders show a similar design and the screen will be a little larger than before at 5.7- or 5.8in. A Full HD resolution and OLED technology seems to be the likely combination if you ask us.

You can see similar buttons and camera module compared to the Pixel 4 but it’s unclear whether the 4a will have Project Soli-based Motion Sense tech. 

When rumours and leaks surface we’ll add them but we’d like to see Google add features like waterproofing and more storage options. A microSD card slot would be particularly for some users but, like Apple, it does look like Google will change this about the phone.

There’s USB-C but we’d also like wireless charging, however, it’s perhaps unlikely when Google is having to hit a much lower price point than the flagship model and also needs some reasons for you to splash out on the more expensive handset.

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