It would introduce a fourth way to open Assistant on Pixel, joining holding home button (or holding an up swipe on Android 10), saying “hey Google” or squeezing the sides of the phone with its Active Edge feature. So no, we probably don’t need another way to turn on Assistant but it looks like Google is adding one anyway.

The report points out this may not ship as a feature with the new Pixel phones and could be in development to join a big overhaul of Google Assistant soon. New features could include continuous commands, finally – the ability to have a contextual conversation with Assistant without having to use a wake word for every new question.

It’s almost certainly because there have been so many leaks but it’s getting quite difficult to get excited for the Pixel 4 now. We are hoping that the camera improves on Pixel 3 and the hype can focus on its great imaging. At the moment, the phone has become a running joke, which is a shame when it will likely bring some interesting if niche new software quirks too.

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