Until now and including on this year’s OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, the company has stuck with its own SMS and phone apps. They are nicely designed and fit with the phones’ software aesthetics but in the video, the company suggests that Google’s alternatives are a better fit as they are smoother.

“We thought we were the smoothest Android experience out there,” says the short video, “But then Google gave us Duo, Phone and Messages.”

While OnePlus doesn’t have its own video calling app, it’s clear that by including Duo in this announcement, OnePlus thinks Google has the best three basic communications apps and so it is streamlining the Nord by using them instead of OnePlus’ alternatives.

Every Android phone with Google Play Store can download and use the Google Phone or Messages app for free, and you can set them as the default apps. It’s sometimes not possible to remove the manufacturer’s apps though, so you end up with two messaging apps and two phone apps. That won’t be an issue for the Nord.

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