The collaboration between OnePlus and Google is a mobile-only experience that will put users head-to-head around the world. There will be a series of puzzles you’ll have to solve as quickly as possible in order to advance to the next round.

Crackables goes live today (18 September) at 1 pm BST (8 am EST). You can only access it on your mobile device by going to this page.

There will be two rounds focusing on software and hardware respectively, with software being first and giving anyone the chance to enter. The hardware round will only be available to the fastest 1000 players to complete the software challenge.

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It’s been said that this particular challenge is not for the timid as it has been designed to really test those who enter. Watching the best and brightest from the OnePlus community across the world battle it out to be the first to complete the challenge will be a treat.

The grand prize is what OnePlus are calling ‘The Ultimate Gaming Set Up’ which will feature an IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Gaming chair, 2x LG 42.5 Monitors and a Xidax PC.