In our review, the 7T received 4.5/5 stars and a Tech Advisor Recommended badge. Our only gripe was that the image stabilization was slightly buggy and that games are limited to 60fps despite the 90Hz display. If this doesn't bother you though, the 7T essentially offers premium, flagship features and performance, but at a palatable £549 RRP, SIM-free (this is for the model with 8GB RAM/128GB storage, which is the configuration included in Three's offer).

Of course, if you decide you'd rather pay upfront, you can pick up the 7T separately and pair it with Three's Unlimited data SIM instead. This would save you £20 in the long term.

Three has a separate SIM-only unlimited data offer over a 24-month term that costs £10 the first 6 months and then £20 the rest. The cost of this plan adds to £420, which means you'd pay £969 in total if you paid for the phone upfront first. In comparison, Three's £40 per month unlimited offer on the 7T adds up to £989‬ over 24 months.

The OnePus 7T currently sits at the top spot in our round up of the best phones. You can see SIM-free prices on the 7T below using our live price comparison tool.

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