Other than potentially launching a month earlier than usual, this leaves a few questions. 

The OnePlus 7 Pro was the first OnePlus phone we gave a five-star review to, so what could the company possibly add just five months after it came out? The report suggests hardly anything, with potentially just a Snapdragon 855 Plus instead of an 855 and some new camera software like a dedicated macro mode.

The scant upgrades detailed in the report shows that either this leak is a load of rubbish, or that OnePlus has hit a ceiling of phone innovation. If the 7T and 7T Pro really do launch but with no design changes, a tiny processor upgrade and maybe some new colours, it’ll show the flaws in its twice-yearly release strategy.

OnePlus shook things up by releasing two phones in May, but it may have doubled the difficulty in attracting buyers for its T updates.