OnePlus also says that it is an “opportunity to try and buy its hotly anticipated OnePlus 7T series handsets before anyone else”. The OnePlus 7T does not have a UK release date at the time of writing, but this implies it’ll be after the 12 October.

We are confused by the phrasing of “try and buy” here and have asked OnePlus to clarify. It may mean that stock is scarce, or it may mean the buying experience is gamified in some way. We hope it isn’t the latter and will update this article when we know.

Also confusing is the phrase “OnePlus 7T Series”, which implies more than one phone. We reviewed the new OnePlus 7T and it’s an excellent phone, but ‘series’ implies that there will be a OnePlus 7T Pro too. A launch event on 10 October will confirm if this is true, but it probably is given the phrasing.

That will mean the pop-up will likely display both new phones, so if you want to get your hands on one then it’ll be worth getting in that queue for the 11am start.

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