Unless the regular 7T is getting the smooth 90Hz display, a differentiating feature of the current Pro version, we’re not sure what OnePlus can really do to update these phones. We reported that the 7T Pro could get a small processor upgrade to the Snapdragon 855 Plus but aside from that the original 7 Pro is so good that it’s unclear what the company can offer in a T model.

OnePlus added a new processor, took away bezels and reduced the notch in some of its other T model upgrades but now that it produces two phones with different specs, it is becoming harder to upgrade them so regularly. There might be a McLaren Edition 7T Pro to shake things up, but we’ll have to wait till 26 September – and potentially again until 10 October – to find out exactly what OnePlus has planned for its six month update to the 7 Series.

London OnePlus fans can buy tickets to the launch from OnePlus’ website on 20 September.