Microsoft is dropping the brand name so the Lumia 735, codenamed superman, is one of the last Windows Phones to come with the Nokia logo. Also see: Best Windows Phones 2014.

The selfie is one of the biggest trends and phenomenons of the last 12 months and the Lumia 735 is aimed at those sharing their daily outfit and best pout. The phone is one of the mid-range Lumia smartphones and costs £189 which is almost budget.

Design-wise it looks almost no different from previous Lumia handsets with its polycarbonate uni-body. It's one of the thinner and lighter Windows Phones available and follows the Lumia 930 in that you can get it in bright orange or green.

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Anyone not comfortable with a smartphone this loud can opt for a more traditional black or white. It doesn't look like it but the case is removable so you can switch colour quickly for different situations if you buy extra Shells.

We're impressed by the 4.7in display which has a 720p resolution. A pixel density of 319ppi at this price isn’t bad at all. It also has excellent contrast and brightness.

For the price, we're pleased to see wireless charging, 4G LTE support and NFC. There's only 8 GB of storage but a mciroSD card slot can take up to 128 GB cards.

A Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM might not sound great but as we've found previously Windows Phone doesn't seem to need insane specs to run smoothly. It might not be the best phone for gaming, but there's no sign of lag when switching between apps and web browsing is fast.  

Unfortunately, the camera app takes a good few seconds to load which is frustrating. The selfie app is faster but not instant. It's also strange and a shame to see no dedicated camera button which we're accustomed to on Lumia devices.

The 6.7Mp rear camera is reasonable but we saw more noise and blurring than we'd like. However, the star of the show is the 5Mp front-facing camera with an f/2.4 aperture. It's the highest resolution you'll find on a Windows Phone even if it is outpaced by the 13Mp HTC Desire Eye.

The wide angle lens helps with grout shots and the resolution makes it great for video chats, too. You can change the aspect ratio to suit your desired sharing medium and rotate the image before doing so, plus there are plenty of filters to choose from.

Furthermore is the ability to adjust things like enlarge and enhance your eyes, make your face slimmer, add a smile and whiten your teeth. These are clever Photoshop style features but go easy with them.

The Lumia 735 comes pre-installed with Windows Phone 8.1 so you get the latest features like Cortana, Action Center and improved Start Screen out-of-the box. A big change is that navigation buttons are now on-screen rather than located on the bezel.

The Lumia 735 is the most fun Nokia on the market and is an ideal smartphone for selfies. It's affordable, too, and the specifications are pretty decent on the whole. We just hope the Lumia Denim update fires up that camera a bit quicker. We award four stars and a recommended award.