The phone also has the Google Assistant built in but don’t expect much from it given the limited hardware powering it. Despite the antiquated specs, we’re still charmed by the 1.3in external display and 2.8in main display recalling 2004.

Its best feature might be the claimed 28 days of standby battery life, though this of course goes down when you use the thing. But if you really don’t use your phone much and can stay off the creaky Facebook app, this phone will last several days off a charge – just like the good old days.

“We know how important it is to be connected to what matters. With Nokia 2720 Flip we wanted to bring modern everyday essentials like 4G, WhatsApp and the Google Assistant to a familiar flip-phone format, that fans both love and remember. Nokia 2720 Flip is the latest addition to our Originals family and joins the Nokia 8110 4G as an excellent option for people looking for a smarter feature phone,” said Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer, HMD Global.

You can also download YouTube or Google Maps from the primitive app store, and of course the phone comes with Snake. But the best feature of this feature phone is, well, the phone. A sub-£100 4G capable flip phone will be best for those who talk a lot on the phone and don’t want or need a smartphone. For that alone the 2720 could be worth your time.