The notch of the Mate 30 makes way for a pill-shaped left corner cut-out much like the P40 Pro, while the display is side to be a ‘slightly curved’ 6.4in.

It’s not clear if this phone is the Mate 40 or Mate 40 Pro, but the ‘Pro’ moniker is not referred to at any point. Huawei usually turns out two versions of the Mate, but often it’s the Pro model that sells in most regions. Given this phone has a flatter screen rather than the ‘waterfall’ seen on the Mate 30 Pro, this is probably the regular Mate 40.

As with the Mate 30 and P40 series, the Mate 40 will likely not run Google services or support the Google Play Store. Instead, it will rely on Huawei’s growing AppGallery and the compnay’s new Petal Search feature, which scours APK sources to get hold of otherwise unavailable apps.

We expect Huawei to announce the Mate 40 phones in September or October.

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