Large batteries are usual on high end phones to keep their power draining internals and bright sharp displays going. But a battery this size on a low-end device like the G8 Power Lite is debatably better as it will just keep going and going.

On paper those specs look acceptable for the price with a 6.5in display with 720p resolution, 10W fast charging, 64GB expandable storage, 4GB RAM, triple camera, a fingerprint sensor and a headphone jack. A macro lens on the camera system promises focus up to 2.5cm away from objects. 

Clues to its cheapness include the plastic build and micro-USB port instead of USB-C but for the price and features this is pretty easily forgiven. If your phone has just packed in or your grandparents need an affordable but capable handset that they won’t have to charge every day between video calls with you, this could be an excellent buy.

Motorola also has sells the G8 Power at £219 which has extra features and improved specs. 

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