A report from GSMArena suggests that a new model is coming called the Motorola One Macro. The site found a tweet that shows a screenshot of a Thai certification of the name but with little other information.

The macro name suggests a phone whose cameras are designed to take closeup macro shots. With the recent smartphone propensity for zoom or wide angle lenses, this shows Motorola picking out a less championed feature.

Moto also doesn’t release all its phones in all countries, so if you want a specific model you might be out of luck. Also, its strategy of differentiating by camera feature is quite bold, as some people want a camera that can do everything. But that might also cost them much more – Motorola One phones are not high end, with the One Vision retailing at just £269 in the UK.

It’ll be interesting to see if a Motorola One Macro comes to be and if a closeup camera smartphone is something people are crying out for.