The Moto G has been PC Advisor's best budget smartphone for a while but Motorola has come along with an even cheaper model in the Moto E. Watch our Moto E vs Moto G video review to see how the two budget smartphones compare. See also: What's the best budget smartphone.

When the Moto G launched, it cost just £135 but it can be purchased for just £99 on a PAYG-basis with O2. Motorola has now introduced the Moto E at an even lower price of £89 but you can knock £10 off that by going PAYG.

Just but looking at them, it's hard to tell the Moto E and Moto G apart – I think I got them mixed up in the video at least once – but there are some key differences.

Screen size is similar at 4.3in and 4.5in but the Moto G has superior resolution at 720p. Not that the Moto E's qHD res is bad, in fact it's staggering for a phone that cheap.

The Moto G is more powerful with its quad-core processor compared to the Moto E's dual-core and both handsets have 1GB of RAM.

Storage is a key difference because the Moto E only has 4GB inside while the Moto G is available in either 8- or 16GB. However, the G doesn't have a microSD card slot for adding more which the E does have.

Motorola will soon release a new version of the Moto G with both a microSD card slot and 4G LTE support. Check Motorola Moto G 4G LTE release date, price and specs.

There's essentially no difference when it comes to software with both phones running on Android 4.4 KitKat (the Moto G is upgradable). A very minor detail is that Motorola's latest app, Motorola Alert, is only found on the Moto E; for now at least.