The E6 Play looks to have a smart blue design that attempts to ape phones four or five times its likely price, with a single camera and an 18:9 display. It looks like there’s a low-end micro-USB port rather than USB-C and while you can’t see a headphone jack, we presume it’s there considering it’s a budget phone. It’s a bit mad that a headphone jack is now only on cheap phones, but there you have it.

Image: Mobielkopen

Moto’s E series sits beneath its popular budget to mid-range G series as a more affordable way to get a clean Android experience. The Moto E5 was an insanely good deal at £119. Though it had a micro-USB port like the E6 Play, it also had a fingerprint scanner, decent display and acceptable performance for an absolutely bonkers low price.

The £89 Moto E5 Play was less impressive though so we hope that this alleged E6 Play manages to offer a better alternative if you really can only spend about £100 on a smartphone. It turns out the £30 extra spend does make the budget phone life that bit more bearable.