The phone has a Snapdragon 765 5G chipset, notably not Qualcomm’s top of the line 865, but this is presumably one of the reasons LG is able to price the Velvet considerably lower than other capable flagship smartphones – it’s half the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

On the rear of the phone is what LG calls a ‘raindrop’ camera array, which to be fair is quite different from the strips and blocks most manufacturers are using in 2020. There’s a 48Mp sensor with an 8Mp ultra-wide, while the third is a 5Mp depth sensor.

The display has curved edges unlike most LG phones of late, but the device has a lot on its shoulders in trying to revive the company’s flailing smartphone fortunes of late. Aside from a few spec differences this is a fairly similar phone to the recent V60

But with a sleeker design and a lower price point, LG could be onto a winner here. Hopefully we can get hold of one for review and that enough people in the world will have an opportunity to buy one.

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