With the processor listed as ‘kona’, the codename for Qualcomm’s latest high-end Snapdragon 865, the V60 will certainly be a powerful smartphone. Though given LG gave the V50 a dual screen case option and the G8 palm vein recognition, we’re slightly dubious with what gimmick the V60 might be marketed with.

Even though the phone is listed with only 8GB RAM, less than competitors, realistically that’s all a phone needs. The 12GB RAM in some phones like the S20 and OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren is frankly overkill.

Leaks suggest that a Quad DAC headphone jack, 5,000mAh battery and quad cameras will make the V60 strong on paper.

The V50 came with a dual screen case option

While we’re fans of LG at Tech Advisor, there’s no doubt that the company’s mobile division has stagnated. There wasn’t much to differentiate the V50 from the V40 unless you ponied up for the cumbersome dual screen case – and we have a nagging suspicion the V60 is going to be fairly iterative too.

It’s true that with a big marketing budget Samsung can make the S20 feel like a big upgrade over the S10, even though it isn’t. But it’ll still be praised for its sleek design and great display.

The LG V60 will probably come in at around the same price as the S20 but we already know it’s going to be panned. It’s all a little unfair on LG but when the V40 and V50 were barely available in Europe and are hard to find even now, we don’t have high hopes for the V60.

Sure, LG gets a bad rep which is undeserved based on the phones alone. But when we find it hard to source review units and people in the UK can’t easily buy them, it’s no wonder Samsung is on top.

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